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             Information regarding Covid-19 and hygiene measures, practices, and information documents at the reception, are
             provided as online and digital applications, information document at the reception, information provided on the web
            site via square code and the information at the lobby. Thus, it is aimed that our guests can have a comfortable and
             healthy holiday by having no question marks in your head.

             In order to establish a healthy and fast contact with our valued guests and employees, healthy and safe information
             is provided through personalized brochures and digital platforms.

            Within the scope of social distance, all Bars, restaurants, Lobby, Pools, Beach, Meeting Halls, All Entertainment and
            Sports areas, SPA center. Beach. Pier, Shops and Stores, the resting, accommodation areas of the employees, their
            transportation and work areas have been arranged in a way to leave 5 meters of social distance. Social distance
             markings have been provided and their controls are constantly checked by the field workers.

             Common areas, Lobby, Elevator, Rails, Toilets, Locker Rooms. Baby Care Rooms, Beach. Sunbeds and Seating
             Groups are frequently disinfected and these processes are recorded.

            There are waste boxes with gray lids for masks, gloves, other protective equipment wastes in common areas.
             Before each transfer, cleaning of frequently contacted surfaces such as seats, door handles, hand grips of the
            transfer vehicles are performed.

             Maintenance of all the installations and equipment of our hotel are periodically carried out by authorized service or
            specially trained personnel.

            Ventilation filters of our hotel are cleaned regularly and disinfected with Ministry of Health approved disinfectants.

            All of the materials and products that we offer to our guests are purchased from suppliers that officially carry out
             hygiene activities, and they are accepted to our facilities after their control and disinfection processes. Their
            storage and disinfection works are carried out in hygienic environments.
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