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I  P  H  0  T  E  L  S



          As IP HOTELS, we keep the health of our esteemed guests and employees above all. We are aware that we
          will overcome this challenging process that affects the whole world, which is caused by the epidemic of
          corona virus (COVID-19), and we have taken all high level precautions in our hotel. Since the day we
          started this business, we have been carrying out our health and safety works completely at international
          standards to provide a healthy and safe environment just like it is at your home during your holiday, and
          these precautions are periodically audited by international independent organizations.

          Our entire team evaluates the process in the light of the decisions and predictions of the World Health
          Organization, Internationally Accepted Standards, Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and
          Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. As IP HOTELS, we have accepted it as our duty to carry out
          pioneering and exemplary works in the sector with the mission of always keeping guest satisfaction and
          safety at the forefront. Within this context, we have been granted with 5 separate certificates
          iSG-OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate), ISO-EN 22000
          (Food Safety Management System Certificate) ISO-EN 9001 (Quality Management System Certificate),
          ISO-EN 14001 (Environmental Management System Certificate), IS010002 (Customer Satisfaction
          Management System), at the same time. During the Covid19 process, we carefully monitored the process
          from the moment it started, and in accordance with above mentioned mission of ours, we evaluated all
          policies and procedures with our preparatory work at a protocol level.

          We bringing to your attention our preparations and works regarding the high level measures to ensure
          that you have a safe and healthy holiday experience during Covid-19 epidemic and other possible
          epidemic risks in IP HOTELS.
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