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01                       CHECKOUT

             Body temperature controls of our guests, employees, and visitors are performed with thermal
             cameras when they enter the hotel, and their facial images are recorded. Verification checks are
            also conducted within the hotel. In the case when there is detection outside the accepted
            temperature range. "Emergency Application in COVID-19 Pandemic Process" standards are put
             into use within the hotel. If that person is not within the hotel, he is not allowed to enter the hotel.

             During the check-in procedures, our guests are asked to fill in the health declaration forms
             containing information about where they were in the last 14 days, whether they have any chronic
             health conditions and whether they were diagnosed for COVID-19 or not. The rules to be obeyed
            within the facility take place on the reverse page of the health declaration form.

            A mask will be provided for you. upon you request, by the receptionist during check-in.
             During check-in, the suitcases and belongings of our guests will be taken and carried to your
             room, by obeying the social distance rules,  by the bellboys who are wearing face masks and
             disposable gloves.

             POS machines used for your payments at our hotel are constantly disinfected.
             Room cards are disinfected and kept in protective cases  before the arrival of our guests and
             delivered to the guests safely.

             Disinfected disposable items are available for you to sign the register card or other legally
             required documents.
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