P. 5

Housekeeper staff works with masks, disposable gloves, and after each room is cleaned, hands
            are washed and new masks and gloves are worn before cleaning of another room.

            There is no use of new guests for a certain period of time After carefully planned cleaning and
             disinfection in the rooms that are already checked out, no new guests are allowed to check-in for
            a certain period of time

             Door handles, electric switches, hand-touched surfaces, telephone, door-window handles, water
             heaters, television and air conditioning controls in the rooms are cleaned by our employees after
             each check-out and disinfected with Ministry of Health-approved disinfectants. The booklet
             materials in the rooms are disposable and a new setup is provided after each check-out. The cups
            and spoons in the rooms are disposable and a new set is provided after each check-out along with
             other minibar materials.

            The air conditioners in the rooms have been thoroughly cleaned. At each check-out. the air
             conditioner combs are cleaned and disinfected and this procedure is recorded.

            The sheets, towels and other textiles used in the room are washed at 60 degrees by the supplier
             cleaning company after routine cleaning of the room.

            After cleaning performed by the floor staff, our rooms are disinfected with the ozone generator
            and the room is ventilated for at least 30 minutes.
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