P. 6

            03                      FOOD BEVERAGE

            All Restaurant, Snack. Bars, table planning is planned to be 1.5 meters away from other tables and chair
            are placed as 60 cm apart.

            Service equipment used in restaurants and bars are periodically cleaned before and after service by
             F&B employees and are disinfected with Ministry of Health approved disinfectants.

            Service of the meals you request in our Open Buffet service in restaurants is provided by the employees.
             Beverage setups are located in the service section in the restaurants. Beverages will be served by F&B

            The upper parts of the tables and furniture in the restaurants and bars are cleaned by F&B employees
            after your use, and are disinfected by using the disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health.

             Disposable sets and materials are used on the tables in the restaurants and bars on the tables and they
            are disposed and new sets are provided after each use.

             Our food production processes and our Food Purchases are performed in accordance with the Food
            Safety Management system and HACCP rules.
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