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             Due to Covid-19, our Fitness Center will not be available for a certain period of time. SPA-HAMAM
             usage times will be determined according to the demand and service will be provided by
            appointment. All equipment are cleaned by the employees and disinfected with the Ministry of

             Health approved disinfectants after each use. Disinfectants for disposable hand sanitizers
            approved by the Ministry of Health are offered to you in the HAMAM-SPA reservation area for you
            to disinfect the areas with hand contact before using the equipment.

            The usage hours will be determined by the SPA management, according to your request in order
            to ensure that the SPA common areas are used by complying with  a social distance rules.

            The materials (scrub, soap, shower gel, shampoo) used during the use of SPA areas are
             disposable and are provided by the SPA reception.

             It is ensured that the SPA humidity is kept  in the appropriate range. Usage times of Sauna,
            Turkish bath, steam room are limited to 30 minutes for the health of our valued guests, and then
            15 minutes cleaning and disinfection is provided.
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